Different Types Of Bridal Dressing

A wedding is an event that comes only once in a person’s life. It is known to be a very important function and everyone wishes to look their best on this day. Therefore, bridal dressing can be a hectic task and involves a lot of work. Bridal dresses differs from place to place and culture to culture. 

Christian Weddings

In Christian weddings the basic bridal suit is a dress and the colour is white. Most people like to keep things simple but at the same time elegant and classy. Most of them usually have a veil as well. So they just stick a pair of studs for the ears and maybe a thin chain with a small pendant. Brides usually do not wear rings except maybe for the engagement ring. Styling up the hair is also done according to the brides wish. Some brides may not want to damage their natural hair so they would prefer to use lace front wigs for this purpose. Hair styles depend on the style of the dress therefore some would like to place a stoned clip or else a few flowers. The bouquet consists of the colours that is usually selected for the theme. 

Muslim Weddings

The brides in Muslim weddings usually do not have a specific dress code but it differs from the choice of the bride. Some of them wear dresses, some wear sarees whereas others wear lehengas. They wear dresses of different colours as well. Some brides wear the hijab (head cover). Most brides wear a face veil. In cases where they wear dresses they generally have a veil as well. They also usually carry bouquets. The jewellery usually depends on the likes of the individuals.

Tamil Weddings

In Tamil weddings the traditional dress, saree is worn by the bride. Here there are many other traditional accessories that they wear. The bride wears a pottu (a dot) on the forehead. Many jewelleries are worn ranging from gold necklaces, earrings, nose rings and head chains. Most brides usually braid their hair and for those who do not have long hair they wear permanent hair extensions in Sydney. Flowers are always worn on the head. They do not carry bouquets.

Visit a Professional

All brides usually wear heels for their footwear. Ultimately every choice from the dress style to the colours and accessories depends on the bride itself. Therefore in order to get everything perfect and matching it is best to consult a professional and give your ideas and likes to get the best outfit for your special day.